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This evaluation is based on the different characteristics that play a relevant role, to a greater or lesser extent, in commercial professions. This instrument allows to evaluate, on the one hand, individual personality profile receptiveness and aggressiveness, and on the other, the general provision for sale: understanding, adaptability, self-control, frustration tolerance, combativeness, dominance, security, activity and sociability.

Individual personality profile

It is the most discriminative index of good salespeople. It indicates an individual with ease in establishing positive and useful relationships with others in the sales process, with a nuance of combativeness (to increase sales or persuade the client), but moderated by efficient self-control.


It indicates the level of the person to be empathetic with others, to know how to listen, to understand. Ability to quickly and easily adapt to different situations and people.


It supposes the ability to endure conflictive situations or, to provoke them with the desire to win, accompanied by a dominant attitude to obtain power. It occurs in individuals who are confident, who do not reject risks to achieve something useful. Active and dynamic.

General provision for sale

I. Understanding: 

Aptitude for Empathy.

II. Adaptability:

Flexibility, ability to adapt, ability to play a role.

III. Self Control:

Personal discipline, emotional stability, perseverance.

IV. Frustration tolerance:

Ability to withstand situations of inferiority, aptitude to dose their commitment in the different situations that arise.

V. Combativity:

Eagerness to win, ability to fight.

VI. Dominance:

Personal domain, natural authority, ability to manipulate, will to power.

VII. Security:

Self-assured, confident in their abilities.

VIII. Exercise:

Dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic, active, spirited.

IX. Sociability:

Ability to establish contacts, social intelligence, taste for personal relationships.

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