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Privacy Policy

(Updated July 5, 2022)

ZEUS RH LLC (hereinafter ZEUS) is the first human talent solutions platform focused on helping its members prepare to achieve their career goals and enable them to apply for new job opportunities. In order to achieve this mission, it is important to take care of all the data we collect about you, how we use it and with whom we share it. Our privacy policy applies when you use the services we offer, so our users will have different options to manage the data we collect, use and share, as described in this Privacy Policy.

Personal information we collect from Applicants:

First and last names, country and city, telephone, gender, cell phone, email. If you sign up for a Premium Service or if you purchase any of our products or services you will need to provide payment (e.g. credit card) and billing information.

Profile for infographic or digital CVs

In your profile you have different fields that you can include, such as your education, work experience, skills, a photograph, video presentation and video validation of languages. Some members may choose to complete all fields. You are not required to provide additional information about your profile; however, profile information helps you get more out of our services, such as making it easier for recruiters and job opportunities to find you. It is up to you to decide whether you want to include information you consider confidential in your profile and make it public. Do not publish or add personal data that you do not want to be made public.

Test Results

Your personal information about test results will be used by ZEUS clients or the company that has registered your environment to manage its human resources processes such as personnel administration, employee records management, recruitment and selection, online psychometric assessments, organizational management, performance evaluation, training, labor relations, payroll, compensation and other similar processes, as well as sending communications about offers and new products and / or services provided by the responsible and third parties.

Publishing and uploading content

We collect your personal data when you provide, post or upload it to our services, such as when you fill out a form (e.g., with demographic data or your current or desired salary and benefits), respond to a survey or complete your infographic or digital resume with ZEUS, or when you complete a job application on our services. If you choose to import your address book, we will receive your contacts (including contact information that your service or application provider(s) have automatically added to your address book when you have communicated with addresses or numbers that are not already in your list).

If you synchronize your contacts or calendars through our Services, we will collect your address book and calendar meeting information to enable your network to continue to grow by suggesting contacts for you and others, as well as providing event information such as time, location, attendees and contacts. You are not required to post or upload personal data, although failure to do so may limit your ability to grow and interact with your network through our services.

All of the above may be done through electronic data collection templates provided by our systems or authorized use of information from other sites or social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Company, Specialist and Organization Data (Company)

Name of the organization, first and last names of the specialist or legal representative, country and city, telephone, gender, cell phone, e-mail. If you purchase any of our products or services you will need to provide payment (e.g. credit card) and billing information.

Use of all our products and services

We record usage data when you visit or otherwise use our services, including our websites, apps and platform technology, such as when you view or click on content (e.g., a training video) or advertisements (on or off our websites and apps), perform a search, install or update one of our mobile apps, share articles or apply for jobs. We use logins, device information and Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses to identify you and record your use of ZEUS.

Cookies and other similar technologies

We use cookies and similar technologies (e.g., web beacons and ad tags) to collect information (e.g., device identifiers) to recognize you and/or your device(s) across different Services and devices. We also allow others to use these cookies. We collect (or third parties we use collect) information about your device (e.g., ad ID, IP address, operating system and browser information) to deliver relevant ads to our members and better understand their effectiveness. You can also opt-out so that we do not use information from cookies or similar technologies to track your behavior on other websites for third-party advertising.

Devices used and your geolocation

When you visit or leave our Services (including some plug-ins, as well as our cookies or similar technologies on other websites), we receive the URL of both the site you came from and the site you are going to, as well as the time of your visit. We also receive information about your network and device (e.g., IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser and plug-ins, device identifier and functions, cookie identifiers, Internet service provider or mobile network operator). If you use our services from a mobile device, that device will send us your location data based on your phone's settings. We will ask you to check the auto opt-in option so that we can use GPS or other tools to identify your exact location.


We collect information about you when you send, receive or interact with messages related to our services. For example, if you receive a contact request on Zeus, we follow up to see if you have taken any action on it and will send you reminders. We also use automatic scanning technology in messages to maintain and protect our site. For example, we use this technology to suggest possible responses to messages and to manage or block content that violates our Services' terms of use.

Data Provided by Company and Educational Institutions

Other parties who purchase our Services for your use, such as your company or educational institution, provide us with personal information about you and your right to use the Services they purchase for use by their employees, students or alumni.

Third-party websites, social networks and services

We receive information about your visits to and interaction with services provided by others when you log in to ZEUS or visit other people's services that include any of our plug-ins, or our advertisements, cookies or similar technologies.

Research and development

Our services are dynamic and we frequently introduce new features, which may require the collection of new information. If we collect very different personal data or if we materially change the way we collect, use or share your data, we will notify you and we may also change this privacy policy.

We use data, including public comments, to conduct
 research and develop our services to provide you and other members with a more personalized and intuitive experience, increase membership and interaction on our services, and help professionals connect with each other and access economic opportunities.

We seek to create economic opportunities for members around the world and help them become more productive and achieve their employment goals. We use the personal data we have to research social, economic and corporate trends, such as the availability of jobs and the skills needed to perform those
jobs, as well as policies that help bridge industries and geographies. In some cases, we work with trusted third parties to conduct this research, with controls designed to protect your privacy. We publish or allow others to publish financial information, presented as aggregate data rather than as personal data.


We will contact you by email, by cell phone, through notices posted on ZEUS websites or apps, messages in your ZEUS mailbox, and through other means available on our Services, including text messages and push notifications. We will send you messages about the availability of our Services, security or other issues related to the services provided. We will also send you messages about how to use our Services, network updates, reminders, employment suggestions and promotional messages from us and our partners. You can change your communication
preferences at any time by emailing us at contacto@zeusrh.com. Please note that you cannot opt out of our service messages, including security and legal notices. We also enable communications between you and others through our Services, including messages FROM THE OLYMPUS, invitations, groups and messages between contacts.

Change of control or sale

We may also share your personal information as part of a sale, merger or change of control, or in preparation for any of these circumstances. Any other entity that buys all or part of the company will have the right to continue to use your data, but only in the manner described in this Privacy Policy unless you agree otherwise.


We implement security measures designed to protect your information, such as HTTPS. We regularly monitor our systems for vulnerabilities and attacks. However, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you send us. There is no guarantee that data will not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed if any of our physical, technical or managerial security measures are breached. Visit our Security Center for more information on how to use our
Services securely, including two-step authentication.

Retention of Data

We generally retain your personal data for as long as you keep your account open or as long as necessary to provide you with our Services. This includes data that you or others have provided to us or data generated or inferred from your use of the Services. Even if you only use our Services when looking for a new job every few years, we will retain your information and keep your profile open, unless you close your account. In some cases, we choose to retain certain information (for example, information about your use of the Services) in a de-personalized or aggregated format.

Right to access and control your personal data

We provide numerous options for collecting, using and sharing your data, from deleting or correcting the data you include in your profile and controlling the visibility of your posts to checking the opt-out option for advertising and communication controls. We provide you with settings that allow you to control and manage the personal data we have about you with respect to your personal data at our disposal, you can:

  • Delete data: you can ask us to delete or remove all or part of your personal data (for example, if it is no longer necessary to offer your Services).
  • Change or correct data: you can edit part of your personal data through your account. You can also ask us to modify, update or correct your data in certain cases, especially if it is not accurate.
  • Request to retake tests after 30 days of having taken them up to twice a year, and you must write to contacto@zeusrh.com specifying the test(s) you wish to retake.
  • Refuse, limit or restrict the use of data: you can ask us to stop using all or part of your personal data (e.g., if we do not have legal rights to use it) or to limit its use (e.g., if your personal data is not accurate or is not lawfully retained).
  • Right of access or collection of your data: you can ask us for a copy of your personal data and a copy of the personal data included in machine-readable form.

Visitors can learn more about how to make these requests here. You can also contact us using the contact information at
contacto@zeusrh.com; we will handle your request in accordance with applicable law.

Account Closure

If you decide to close your ZEUS account, your personal data will no longer be visible on our Services, generally within 24 hours. We normally delete information from closed accounts within 30 days of account closure, except as noted below. We retain your personal information even after the account is closed if reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations (including law enforcement requests), meet regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse (for example, if we have restricted your account due to a breach of our Terms of Use), enforce our Terms of Use, or comply with your request to unsubscribe from future messages you receive from ZEUS. Once your account has been closed, we will retain de-personalized information. Information you have shared with others (for example, through messages From Olympus, updates, or group posts) will remain viewable after you close your account or delete your own profile or mailbox information, and we do not control the data that other Members have copied from our Services. Content, ratings or reviewed content from groups associated with closed accounts will show an unknown user as the owner. Your profile may continue to be displayed on third-party services (e.g. search engine results) until they update their cache.


ZEUS may modify this Privacy Policy as many times as it deems necessary, both to be consistent with applicable international legal regulations, at the request of the competent authorities and/or at our own convenience. As long as the Responsible Party does not modify its identity, more data than those mentioned herein are required from the Data Subject, the purpose of this Privacy Notice is modified and/or the conditions of transfer are changed, the user agrees and agrees that any change to this "Privacy Notice" or to the privacy policies will be notified through its publication in the web page http://www.zeusrh.com/privacidad. It is the obligation of the ZEUS member to periodically visit said site in order to verify the most current version of the Privacy Notice.



The following document is considered a Contract in its entirety. When you use our Services you agree to abide by all of these terms. Your use of our Services is also subject to our Privacy Policy, which covers how we collect, use, share and store your personal information.

By clicking "Sign Up" or other similar link, registering for, accessing or using our Services (described below), you agree to enter into a legally binding contract with ZEUS RH LLC ("ZEUS") (even if you are using our Services on behalf of a company). If you do not agree to this agreement ("Agreement" or "Terms of Use"), do not click "Sign Up" (or other similar link) and do not access or otherwise use our Services. If you wish, you may terminate this Agreement at any time by closing your account and not accessing or using our Services.


This Agreement applies to www.zeusrh.com, ZEUS branded applications, CVs, tests and assessments, video presentations, communications and other services that you state are offered under this Agreement ("Services"), including off-site data collection for those Services, such as our advertisements and the "Apply with ZEUS" and "Share with ZEUS" plug-ins. Users who subscribe to our Services are "Members" and unregistered users are "Visitors".


You are entering into this Agreement with ZEUS (also referred to as "we", "us", "our" or "us").

You are entering into this Agreement with ZEUS RH LLC, which will be the entity responsible for the personal data that you provide to our Services, or that is collected or processed by or for, or in connection with, our Services.

If you are a Visitor or Member of our Services, any collection, use and sharing of information regarding your personal data will be subject to this Privacy Policy and updates.

Members and Visitors

By registering and joining the ZEUS Service you will be considered a Member. If you have chosen not to register for our Services, you may access certain features as a "Visitor".


We may modify this Agreement, our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy from time to time. If we make any material changes to the Agreement, we will notify you through our Services or by other means to give you an opportunity to review the changes before they become effective. We agree that modifications cannot be retroactive. If you disagree with any of the changes, you may close your account. Your continued use of our Services after we post or send notice of changes to these terms means that you agree to the updated terms as of their effective date.

Requirements for using the Services

Children under the age of 16 may not use the Services.

To use the Services, you agree that: (1) you must be "Minimum Age" (defined below) or older; (2) you will only have one ZEUS account, which must be in your real name; and (3) ZEUS has not restricted you from using the Services. Creating an account with false information is a violation of our Terms; this also applies to accounts registered in the name of others or used by minors under the age of 16. "Minimum age" means 16 years of age. However, if applicable law requires that you must be older for ZEUS to lawfully provide the Services to you without parental consent (including the use of your personal data), then the Minimum Age will be that other age.

Your account

Members are the account holders and agree to keep their password secret. You may not share your account with any other person and you will respect our rules and applicable laws. You agree to: (1) use a strong password and keep it confidential; (2) not transfer any part of your account (e.g. contacts); (3) any changes or restrictions you wish to make to what can be shared or viewed in your account must be communicated by emailing contacto@zeusrh.com and (4) comply with applicable law, our list of do's and don'ts and our Member Usage Policies. You are responsible for everything that happens on your account unless you close your account or notify us that your account is being misused. As between you and others (including your company), your account belongs to you. However, if the Services have been purchased by a third party for your use, that third party who pays for those Services will have the right to monitor access and receive reports on your use of the paid Service, but will have no rights to your personal account.


You will fulfill your payment obligations and agree that we store your payment information. You understand that our prices may be subject to additional fees or taxes.

If you purchase any of our Paid Services, you agree to pay us the applicable fees and taxes. Failure to pay these fees may result in termination of the Paid Services you receive. You also agree that:

  • Your purchase may be subject to exchange fees or price differences based on your location (e.g., exchange rates).
  • We may store and continue to use your payment method (such as a credit card) for billing purposes, even after it has expired, to avoid interruption of the Services and to use it to pay for other Services you may purchase.
  • If you purchase a subscription, your payment method will automatically be charged at the beginning of each subscription period for the fees and taxes applicable to that period. To avoid future charges, please cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date of your purchased Services.
  • We may calculate applicable taxes based on the billing information you provide to us at the time of purchase. If you purchase a subscription, your payment method will be automatically charged at the beginning of each subscription period for the fees and taxes applicable to that period. To avoid future charges, please cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date of your contracted Services.

You can obtain a copy of your invoice through your ZEUS account settings under Purchase History.

Notices and Messages

You agree to receive notices and messages from us in the following ways: (1) on the Service, or (2) through the contact information you provided to us (e.g., email, cell phone, mailing address). You agree to keep your contact information up to date.


When you share information on our Services, others will be able to see, copy and use that information.

Our Services allow you to post messages and share information in many ways, such as in your profile, in articles, in group postings, through links to new articles, in job postings, in messages and messages from Olympus. The information and content you share or post may be visible to Members, Visitors or others (even outside the Service). Where settings are available, we will respect the choices you make about who can see content or information (for example, message content sent to recipients, share content only with ZEUS contacts, restrict the visibility of your profile in search engines, or choose not to notify other members that you have updated your ZEUS profile). For job search activities, the default setting is to not notify your network or the public. Therefore, if you apply for a job through our Services or if you choose to indicate that you are interested in a job, our default setting is to share it only with the job advertiser.

We are not obligated to post information or content on our Service and may remove it without notice. 

Rights and Limitations

Your license to ZEUS

You are the owner of all content, comments and personal data you provide to us, but you also grant us a non-exclusive license with respect to such information. 

We will respect the settings you make regarding who can see your information and content, as well as how they may be used for advertisements. 

As between you and ZEUS, you own the content, the information you provide or post on the Services and the results of any tests and evaluations you conduct, and you grant ZEUS and our affiliates only the following non-exclusive license: a worldwide, transferable, sublicensable right to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish and process the information and content you provide to us through our Services and the services of third parties, without any additional consent, notice or compensation to you or any third party. These rights are limited in the following ways

1. You may terminate this license for specific content by deleting such content from the Services, or generally closing your account, except (a) to the extent that you have shared it with others as part of the Service and they in turn have copied, re-shared or stored it and (b) for a reasonable time to remove it from backup and other systems

2. We will not include your content in advertisements for third party products and services without your personal consent (including sponsored content). However, we have the right, without compensation to you or any third party, to serve ads about your content and information, and your social shares, may be viewed and included along with the ads, as described in our Privacy Policy. Depending on your settings, we may mention the use of any functionality of the Service if you use it, using your name or photograph, in order to promote such functionality on our Services.

3. We will need your consent if we want to grant others the right to publish your content outside of the Services. However, if you choose to share a post with the Public option, we will enable functionality that allows Members to embed such public post on third party services, and we will allow search engines to display such content on their services.

4. Although we may edit and make formatting changes to your content (such as translating or transcribing it, modifying the size, layout or file type, or removing metadata), we will not modify the meaning.

5. Because you own your content and information, and we only have non-exclusive rights to it, you may choose to share it with third parties, including through a Creative Commons license. You further agree with ZEUS that we may access, store, process and use any personal information and data you provide in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Notice and your choices (including settings). 

You further agree with ZEUS that we may access, store, process and use any personal information and data you provide in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Notice and your choices (including settings).

By providing ZEUS with suggestions or other feedback about our Services, you agree that ZEUS may (but does not have to) use and share such feedback for any purpose without compensating you.

You agree only to provide content and information that does not infringe the law or the rights of any person (including intellectual property rights). You also agree to provide truthful information in your profile. ZEUS may be required by law to remove certain information or content in certain countries.

Availability of Services

We may change, suspend or withdraw any of our Services or modify our prices prospectively. Likewise, we may change our prices prospectively upon reasonable notice to you within a reasonable time and to the extent permitted by law.

We cannot guarantee that we will store or continue to display the information or content you have posted. ZEUS is not a storage service. You agree that we are under no obligation to store, retain or provide you with a copy of any content or information provided to us by you or others, except as required by law and as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Validity of tests, volume tests or purchased packages

A validity period of 365 days is established after the purchase of these products, once this period has elapsed, the right to use them will be lost.

Digital Head Hunting

ZEUS, will provide the service of Recruitment and Selection of Personnel through the methodology DIGITAL HEAD HUNTING, with its own means and third parties contracted when applicable, resources, products and services to the COMPANY user, under the following conditions:


  • Virtual profile clarification consulting. 
  • Activation of the different recruitment sources considered necessary.
  • Pre-selection of resumes.
  • Comparative chart of pre-selected candidates
  • Application of psychometric tests DISC, TERMAN, ALLPORT and IPV, when the profile is sales.
  • Application of HIT Consulting (Enneagram included).
  • Pre-selection of three (3) profiles, depending on the difficulty of the market for the required profile.
  • Video presentation per profile when applicable.
  • Virtual consulting with the results of the interview, psychometric tests and video presentation.
  • Coordination of interviews with the client (face-to-face or virtual).
  • Advice in the interview and selection of the profile.
  • Guarantee of replacement of the profile for THREE MONTHS (when the conditions apply).
  • Adaptation consulting and accompaniment to the company, for the selected candidate when applicable.


It is the job description format agreed between the COMPANY and ZEUS RH LLC, denominated as definitive and informed electronically, it will be the instrument used to perform the recruitment and selection of the requested profile. Any modification that the Client makes to this instrument once the service is activated, will affect the recruitment process as established in the following clauses:

EXCLUSIVITY: Our service is provided exclusively to each of our clients, so when paying the initial 50% of our quotation is accepted, it is understood that we will be the only providers of the accepted vacancy contracted.

PAYMENT: 50% of the payment of the quotation to initiate the recruitment process of the profile and the remaining 50% to the selection of the candidate, understanding this as the moment in which the communication is sent to us via email or telephone to inform the candidate of his selection. The following day the payment must be made through our payment portal. If there are other payment policies of the client, they must be negotiated in the service acceptance. The amount of 50% on the closing invoice may be modified if the negotiated amount of base salary, plus variable salary, or higher or lower negotiated base salary or any other benefit that is negotiated at the time of hiring the candidate and is not contemplated within the Job Description Form.

SERVICE ACTIVATION DATE: The job description form must be duly completed by the client and approved as DEFINITIVE plus the 50% payment made and available in the account indicated by ZEUS.

Exception: The charge description form may be modified, maintaining the same charge requested, as long as DIGITAL HEAD HUNTING has not advanced to the stage of delivery of the shortlist. The information date of this modification will be considered as the new activation date.


ZEUS RH LLC, will make its best effort depending on the difficulty of the position and the supply of profiles that the market has to deliver eligible profiles, within a period not exceeding five (5) working days without being this limiting, once the job description format has been activated.


Best effort will be made to submit at least three (03) eligible profiles to the client depending on the difficulty of the position in the market.


In case the COMPANY decides to hire more than one profile of those presented through our service, the COMPANY shall pay ZEUS RH LLC 100% of the value of our service calculated in the same way as it was done in the initial service, only being able to be modified by any variation in the monthly income of the profile subject to hiring.


a) In order to achieve an efficient recruitment and selection process, the COMPANY shall conduct the interviews of the eligible profiles sent within a period of no more than three (3) business days, from the date of receipt of reports of the same. If the interviews are not conducted within this period, ZEUS will not be responsible for the withdrawal of the eligible profiles from the recruitment process and the profiles will be counted as profiles submitted and mentioned in the previous condition a), this for the main reason of not losing potential eligible profiles in the process. If any eligible profile is withdrawn in the middle of the process, ZEUS will replace it with a new one, which fulfills the requirements established in the job description form.

b) The licenses and suppliers used for these processes by ZEUS, have the exclusivity and confidentiality to be used only by our company, any attempt of use by our customers externally or outside our channels, will be sued in the competent legal instances.

c) The client must deliver in written form the final salary package offer of the selected candidate to ZEUS, indicating the base salary, benefits and commission scheme, variable salary or other benefits negotiated with the selected profile. ZEUS will take care of delivering the job offer directly to the selected profile for hiring at THE CLIENT.


The term of the service shall correspond to forty-five (45) non-business or continuous days, taking as starting date the day the client accepts the Job description form after having had the profile clarification meeting with the ZEUS consultant. The delay attributable to the COMPANY will be considered as causes for the expiration of the service, and among others, the following, without being limiting: (a) Absence of the COMPANY or whoever it designates as its representative to direct the selection process of the chosen profile contracted with ZEUS, (b) Lack of time of the COMPANY to conduct the interviews, (c) Lack of responses to the reports of the profiles sent and selected by ZEUS for coordination of interviews, (d) Refusal of the COMPANY not to accept the presentation of less than three profiles for the required position, as long as at least one eligible profile has been presented for the requested position and the offer of these profiles is very scarce in the labor market and it adjusts to the requirements stipulated in the job description form. Once the forty-five (45) non-business or continuous days after sending the Eligible Profile Reports, the service will be suspended and the remaining 50% of the service must be paid through the ZEUS payment portal if you wish to continue using any service provided by ZEUS. In the same way, if the COMPANY wishes to reactivate the service, it must pay the remaining 50% of the Quotation; this will give it the option to coordinate interviews with the chosen profile selected according to the previously established and already presented profiles, as long as they are still interested in the offer. Likewise, the conclusion of the service will apply if the client, after three (3) non-business or continuous days after the suspension of the service, does not manifest in writing the reactivation of the service.


The Guarantee that will apply for this quotation, contemplates the presentation of one (01) new eligible profile for the client, within a period of THREE (03) MONTHS counted from the 1st day of entry of the selected profile to the company. In case the selection process has not been closed within the guarantee period, the job description form will be revised. This means that: "The guarantee will proceed only if the Client expresses any disagreement regarding the profile that is finally selected, supported with the corresponding evidence of the inconsistency between the performance of the chosen profile and its functions corresponding to the position. The guarantee of replacement of the profile already selected by the contractor of the service cannot be activated if the 100% of the service has not been paid in full.

The Guarantee applies exclusively to the fee that has been paid in full and is specifically linked to the hiring of the Digital Head Hunting service for the agreed position. In other words, our coverage extends only to the previously paid fee and is not transferable or applicable to searches other than the one initially contracted. In the event that the client chooses to hire another resource without using our guarantee, it will be automatically void and unenforceable.

In order to provide an even more complete and satisfactory service, we recommend that, if the client intends to propose a candidate during the process of applying the Guarantee, he/she should inform us. In this way, we will be able to include it in our analysis and provide the necessary support throughout the evaluation process, in order to consider its inclusion in the fulfillment of the Warranty. 


a. Resignation of the chosen profile in order to obtain a better economic offer in another company.
b. Resignation of the chosen profile because of problems in moving to the company.
c. Resignation of the chosen profile due to demotivation or dissatisfaction with the working environment of the Client.
d. Resignation of the chosen profile due to non-compliance with working hours conditions.
e. Resignation of the Profile, and hiring of new profile through recommendation of the person hired through ZEUS, who resigned.
f. Contractual or legal breach of the Client with the chosen Profile.
g. Working conditions not indicated or hidden before hiring (e.g., unrecognized overtime, work on weekends, travel, etc.).
h. Death of the chosen Profile.
i. Once the client interviews and knows the conditions of the chosen profile, he/she will not be able to request a guarantee of substitution of the same, for example: area of residence, number of children, marital status, age, or any other condition that he/she considers discriminatory, among others.
j. The guarantee applies for only one (01) profile substitution.


The client accepts and recognizes that he/she will not be able to hire personnel from our company, unless he/she has more than 6 months of having left our organization, in case he/she is interested in any of our profiles, he/she must notify it and proceed to negotiate directly with the representative that the company assigns, and in case of reaching an agreement the client must pay 25% of the annual package offered, taking into account the monthly income plus the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual benefits that may apply, as well as annual bonuses.

None of THE PARTIES to this contract shall be required to comply with those obligations whose execution is prevented by Force Majeure. The term "FORCE MAJEURE" shall mean any event which is unforeseeable, insurmountable and beyond the control of the Parties, including but not limited to loss or incapacity of THE SERVICE on ZEUS or COMPANY premises, epidemic, flood, explosion, fire, lightning, earthquake or any other force majeure, war (whether declared or not), civil disturbance, strike (except strikes limited to COMPANY and/or its personnel or assigned personnel), government orders or administrative decisions or actions of any nature or description.


This agreement shall not be modified except by a written document signed by the duly authorized representative of each of the parties.

The failure of either party to require performance of any provision of THE AGREEMENT shall not be construed as a waiver or estoppel to subsequently require such performance, nor shall the waiver of the right to require performance of an obligation in a particular instance mean the waiver of the right to require performance of that or a similar obligation at a later time. The waiver of any right of either party to THE AGREEMENT shall not be effective unless it is notified in writing to the other party.


All notices, authorizations or approvals to be executed under this Agreement shall be in writing via email communicated to the following address contacto@zeusrh.com.


Neither party shall assign or attempt to assign any of its rights or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of the other party.


This Agreement, including each exhibit attached hereto, constitutes the entire and exclusive statement of the Agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior representations, understandings and communications, whether oral or written, between the parties as to the subject matter hereof.


The parties hereto expressly agree that it is not the intention of any of them to violate any public policies, regulations or laws, rules, regulations, treaties or decisions of any government or governmental agency. If any paragraph, sentence, clause, word or phrase in this Agreement is judicially or administratively construed to be in violation of any provision of any jurisdiction, such paragraph, sentence, word, clause or phrase shall be ineffective in such jurisdiction and the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect as to the parties hereto in such jurisdictions and the Agreement, as a whole, shall not be affected.


This Agreement is non-exclusive. ZEUS may contract with other entities to provide products or services similar to those provided by COMPANY hereunder.

Other types of content, websites and applications

Your use of other people's content and information posted on our Services is at your own risk. Other third parties may offer their own products and services through our Services, but we are not responsible for the activities of such third parties.

When using the Services, you may encounter information or content that is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, misleading, unlawful, offensive or harmful. ZEUS does not generally review content provided by its Members or others. You agree that you are not responsible for the content or information of others (including other Members). We cannot always prevent such misuse of our Services, and you agree that we are not responsible for such misuse. We also recognize the risk that you or your organization may be mistakenly associated with content about other people when we let contacts and followers know that you or your organization has been mentioned in the news.

ZEUS can help Members who offer their services (professional advice, accounting, etc.) connect with Members seeking services. ZEUS does not act for or employ individuals to perform these services. You must be at least 18 years of age to offer, perform or contract for these services. However, if applicable law requires that you must be another age to offer these services without parental consent (including the use of your personal data), then you must have reached that other age. You acknowledge that ZEUS does not supervise, direct, control or monitor Members in the performance of these services and you agree that (1) ZEUS is not responsible for the offering, performance or purchase of such services; (2) ZEUS does not underwrite in any way the services offered by any particular Member; and (3) nothing shall create an employment, agency or joint venture relationship between ZEUS and any Member offering services. If you are a Member and offer your services, you represent and warrant that you possess all necessary certifications and will provide your services in accordance with our Member Usage Policies. If the Services are regulated, you acknowledge that the responsibility for complying with such regulations is solely yours and not ZEUS'. Similarly, ZEUS may assist you in registering for and/or attending events hosted by Members and connecting you with other Members attending such events. You agree that (1) ZEUS is not responsible for the conduct of any Members or other attendees at such events, (2) ZEUS does not endorse any particular event that is included in our Services, (3) ZEUS does not review or restrict any such events, and (4) you will abide by these terms and conditions applicable to such events.


We have the right to limit how you connect to and interact with our Services. ZEUS reserves the right to limit your use of the Services, including your number of contacts and your ability to contact other Members. ZEUS reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your account if ZEUS believes that you may have violated this Agreement, the law, or that you are misusing the Services (for example, you have violated the "Do's and Don'ts" list, or the Usage Policies for our Members.

Intellectual Property Rights

Below, we provide you with information about our intellectual property rights.

ZEUS reserves all of its intellectual property rights in the Services. The trademarks and logos used in connection with the Services are the trademarks of their respective owners. ZEUS and our service logos and other ZEUS marks, service marks, images and logos used for our Services are the intellectual property of ZEUS.

Automated processing

We use data and information about you to make relevant suggestions to you and others.

We will use the information and data you provide to us, as well as data we have about Members, to make recommendations regarding contacts, content and functionality that may be useful. For example, we use data and information about you to recommend jobs to you and to recommend you as a candidate to recruiters. Maintaining an up-to-date profile with accurate data helps us make more relevant and rigorous recommendations.

Disclaimer of Warranty

We disclaim any legal liability arising from the quality, safety or reliability of our Services.


Disclaimer of Liability

These are the limitations of liability that we may have in relation to you.




Basis of contract. Exclusions

The limitations of liability in: Disclaimer of Warranty and Disclaimer of Liability of this contract are part of the agreement made between ZEUS and you, and shall apply to all liability claims (such as those arising from warranty, damage, negligence, contractual or legal liabilities), even if ZEUS and its affiliates have been advised of the possibility of this damage, and even if these remedies do not fulfill their primary purpose.

These limitations of liability do not apply to liability for death or personal injury, fraud, gross negligence or willful misconduct, or in cases of negligence where a material obligation has been breached, where a material obligation is one that is a prerequisite to the performance of our services and on which you can reasonably rely, but only to the extent that the damages were directly caused by the breach and were foreseeable at the end of this Agreement and provided that they are considered typical in the context of this Agreement. 

Termination of the Agreement

Either you or ZEUS may terminate this Agreement at any time upon notice to the other. Upon termination of this Agreement, you will lose the right to access and use the Services. The following will continue to apply after termination:

  • Our right to use and disclose your comments.
  • The rights of Members or Visitors to re-share content and information you have shared through the Services.
  • Any amounts owed by either Party prior to termination will continue to be owed after termination.

You may write to us at cerrarcuenta@zeusrh.com to close your account.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

This section shall not override the application of any mandatory consumer protection under the laws of the country of your habitual residence from which you make use of the Services you borrow. You agree with ZEUS RH LLC that the laws of the United States of America, except in cases of conflict of jurisdiction, shall prevail in any dispute relating to this Agreement and/or the Services. You agree with ZEUS that claims and disputes shall be resolved solely in the competent courts of Puerto Rico, United States of America.

General Provisions

If a court with authority over this Agreement determines that any part of this Agreement is unenforceable, you and we agree that the court will modify the terms so that that part is enforceable and continues to serve its purpose. If the court is unable to do so, you and we agree to ask the court to strike that unenforceable part and keep the rest of the Agreement.

This Agreement (including any additional terms we make when you interact with a feature of the Services) is the only agreement between us about the Services and supersedes all prior agreements about the Services.

Our failure to act in the event of a breach of this Agreement does not mean that ZEUS has waived its right to enforce this Agreement. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement (or your account or use of the Services) to anyone without our consent. However, you agree that ZEUS may assign this Agreement to its affiliates or to a third party purchaser without your consent. There are no other third party beneficiaries of the Agreement.

You agree that the only way to send us a legal notice will be to the address provided in this Agreement.

ZEUS Do's and Don'ts

You agree that you will:

a. Comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to privacy laws, intellectual property laws, anti-spam laws, export control laws, tax and fiscal laws, and other regulatory requirements.

b. Provide us with accurate information and keep it up to date.

c. Use your real name in the profile.

d. Use the Services in a professional manner

What not to do

You accept that you are not going to:

a. Create a false identity on ZEUS, forge your identity, create a Member profile for someone other than yourself (a natural person), or use or attempt to use another person's account.

b. Develop, support or use programs, devices, scripts, robots or any other means or process (including crawlers, browser plugins and add-ons, or any other technology) to plagiarize the Services or otherwise copy profiles or other data from the Services.

c. Circumvent any security functionality or circumvent any access controls or Service usage limits (such as limits on keyword searches or profile views).

d. Copy, use, disclose or distribute any information obtained from the Services, either directly or through third parties (such as search engines), without the consent of ZEUS.

e. Disclose information that you do not have the right to share (such as confidential information of third parties, including your company).

f. Infringe the intellectual property rights of others, such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights. For example, do not copy or distribute (except through available sharing functionality) other people's posts or other content without their permission, which may be granted by publishing through a Creative Commons license.

g. Infringe the intellectual property or other rights of ZEUS, including, without limitation, (i) copying or distributing our learning videos or other materials; or (ii) copying or distributing our technology, except as released under open source licenses; (iii) using the term "ZEUS" or our logos in any trade name, email or URL except with prior permission obtained through the email contacto@zeusrh.com.

h. Post anything that contains computer viruses, worms or any other harmful code.

i. Reverse engineer, decompile, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or otherwise attempt to derive the source code of the Services or any related technology that is not open source.

j. Implying or representing that you are associated with or endorsed by ZEUS without our express consent (e.g., representing yourself as a ZEUS accredited trainer).

k. Rent, lend, market, sell/resell or otherwise profit from or access the Services or related data without the consent of ZEUS.

l. Link to our Services for any purpose other than to promote your profile or a group on our Services, without the consent of ZEUS.

m. Use bots or other automated methods to access the Services, to add or download contacts, or to send or redirect messages.

n. Monitor the availability, performance or operation of the Services for competitive purposes. o. Engage in "framing" or "mirroring" practices, or otherwise simulate the appearance or function of the Services.

p. Overlay or otherwise modify the Services or their appearance (such as, for example, by inserting elements into the Services or by removing, obscuring or obscuring advertisements included in the Services).

q. Interfere with the operation or load the Services in an unreasonable manner (e.g., spam, denial of service attacks, viruses or gaming algorithms).

r. Violate our Member Usage Policies or any additional terms relating to a specific Service provided when you sign in or begin using such Service, and the terms of Bing Maps where they apply

Content-related complaints

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. We require that information posted by members is accurate and does not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of others.

How to contact us

For general inquiries, you may contact us at contacto@zeusrh.com. If you wish to receive legal notices or court notifications, you may write to us at the same address.


At ZEUS RH LLC (hereafter ZEUS), our core value has always been that our members matter most. These Professional Community Policies ensure that the millions of conversations that take place every day on our services help our members be more productive and successful, as well as free from inappropriate content or behavior. These policies that we continue to develop provide guidance and rules for the use of our services.

We ask all ZEUS members to act responsibly. If you see something that you think may violate our policies, please write to us at infracciones@zeusrh.com. This includes profiles, posts, comments, conversations, or anywhere else. These reports, along with our automated defenses, help us identify and prevent abuse and misbehavior. Use the reporting tools responsibly and only for their intended purposes.

Violation of these policies may result in us taking action. Depending on the severity of the violation and a member's behavior or account history, we may limit the visibility of certain content, remove content from our platform, or even restrict a member's account for serious or repeated offenses.

If you believe that the action taken on your content or account has been wrong, you can send a request to appeal your case to apelacion@zeusrh.com. Thank you for using ZEUS. Together we can maintain a safe, trusted and professional platform where we can create economic opportunities for all

Be reliable

Our members must be real people, providing their real name and accurate information about themselves. We do not allow fake profiles on our platform and it is not acceptable for you to provide misleading or false information about yourself, your qualifications, work experience, affiliations or achievements.

Learn more about how to be trustworthy

Be professional

We understand the value of discussions in the workplace and ask our members to conduct themselves professionally, i.e. honestly and appropriately. When creating content, we ask that you do so in a professional, relevant and on-topic manner. Do not share false information or use the services to offend or intimidate others. You are also not allowed to share explicit, obscene or pornographic content on our services.

Learn more about how to act professionally

Be safe

We want to provide our members with a safe and welcoming community. Our services should not be used to harm other people, their careers or potential clients, nor should they be used for personal grievances or disputes. You may not use the services to harass, abuse or send unwanted communications, such as messages with romantic intentions, sexually explicit content, spam, junk mail, chain letters or phishing attempts.

We do not allow hate speech, hate groups, terrorists or people involved in violent crime on the services

Learn more about how to act safely.

Respecting the Rights of Others and Complying with the Law

Before sharing or using another user's copyrighted works, trademarks, private information or trade secrets, make sure you have the legal right to do so. Our services must not be used to conduct illegal activities, promote illegal products or infringe the rights of others. Do not use our services to commit fraud or to try to deceive others. In addition, it is prohibited to use our services to intentionally distribute viruses, worms or other software capable of destroying or damaging other people's data and equipment.

Learn more about respecting the rights of others and complying with the law.

Respecting the rights of ZEUS

Respect the rights of ZEUS. You'll find more information about what's involved in our Terms of Use. It is also not acceptable to suggest that you are affiliated with or endorsed by ZEUS when this is not the case. Respect our intellectual property rights, do not scrape.