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Remember that verbal intelligence includes activities that require reading and understanding language. Nonverbal intelligence is more of abstract reasoning. It does not require that the subject know how to read and it is evaluated through exercises such as, for example, "following the numerical series". Upon completing the subtest items, the test provides us with 4 measures in relation to: intelligence, learning ability, diagnosis and interpretation.

In each of these 4 dimensions, the person can obtain the following scores: poor, below average, average, above average, and above.

With this tool, the IQ and the degree of learning that the candidates possess are obtained, in aspects such as:

1. Information:

The first subtest of the Terman Merril Test is information. It determines the long-term memory of the subject, as well as the level of information that he is able to capture in his environment. Your score indicates the person's ability to associate when using data and their ability to generate information through their knowledge.

2. Judgment or understanding:

The second subtest evaluates the subject's judgment or understanding, as well as the person's common sense and their handling of reality. Your score indicates the presence or absence of understanding and ability to solve practical (everyday) problems. It also reflects the degree of adjustment of the person to social norms, and how he takes advantage of life experiences to learn.

3. Vocabulary:

Called subtests of verbal meanings, it evaluates the presence or absence of abstract thought and the cultural level of the subject. Specifically, his knowledge of the language and the analysis he makes of the different concepts.

4. Synthesis or logical selection:

This subtest evaluates the reasoning of the subject, his capacity for abstraction and the deductions he makes through logic. It also allows us to know their ability to interpret and evaluate reality objectively. It also analyzes the ability to summarize (synthesize), relate ideas and draw conclusions.

5. Arithmetic or concentration:

This subtest assesses the extent to which the examinee handles information, concentrates, and resists distractions. In short, it tells us what degree of attention the person has when they have to concentrate (especially under pressure).

6. Analysis or practical judgment

The following subtest assesses common sense, foresight, and the ability to identify inconsistencies. It allows to determine if the subject is able to break down the information of a problem and explain its underlying causes.

7. Abstraction: 

The abstraction subtest of the Terman Merril Test, also called the analogies subtest, examines and evaluates two fundamental aspects: the comprehension of information and the ability to generalize. In other words, it allows us to analyze whether a person is capable of relating different ideas to reach a certain conclusion, and to what extent they can do so.

8. Planning:

It is the sentence ordering subtest, it assesses the following skills: planning (i.e. planning), organization, anticipation, attention to detail, and imagination. It indicates whether the person is capable of foreseeing the consequences of certain acts, assesses the ability to attend to the details and the globality of a certain situation.

9. Organization:

The organization subtest, also called classification, establishes the subject's ability to discriminate and follow processes. Evaluates whether an individual is capable of detecting failures in certain processes and solving these failures.

10. Attention:

It is the last subtest of the Terman Merril test, it analyzes these abilities and its score indicates whether the subject is capable of interpreting and verifying certain numerical calculations. It also assesses the subject's ability to concentrate and anticipate situations, especially under pressure.

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