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Description of Enneatypes and their main characteristics:

N1 Perfectionist

Quality oriented, highly demanding, adhering to norms, with a serious and formal style, high energy


N2 Collaborator

Interested in others, actively seeking opportunities to please and please, highly social with strong interpersonal relationships.


N3 Competitive

Seeking achievement, recognition, highly energized in pursuit of goal, focused on standing out and shining.


N4 Creative

Original and Authentic, focused on the internal process, focused on their own needs and openly expressing their ideas and feelings.


N5 Analytical

Deep and concentrated, isolated and critical, expressing a taste for knowledge and the development of intellectual processes.


N6 Compromised

Taking care of the process, establishing controls and backups, concerned about continuity and highly involved and loyal.


N7 Dynamic

Cheerful and optimistic, enjoying processes and interactions, motivated by novelty and the chance to have fun, socially active.


N8 Leader

Controlling and seeking power, actively directing processes and people, fair and protective, actively competitive.


N9 Adjudicator

Looking for the maintenance of harmony and tranquility, stability and continuity in the processes, the absence of conflict, reactive to environmental stimuli.


Report Indicators


Primary style:

Indicates general characteristics of the dominant enneatype determined through the test.

Dominant personality style:

It explains the behaviors and reactions that are normally manifested in the daily life of the identified enneatype, in detail.


Main dynamics of enneatypes:

Describe the three main enneatypes determined after completing the test. The enneagram defines that its 9 enneatypes are present in each one of us, manifesting in our daily behaviors, only that some are present in greater proportion than others. Through this indicator, you will be able to know your three main dominant enneatypes, obtaining your results in descending order.


High performance point versus tension:

It serves to indicate whether at the time of the presentation of the evaluation, the person could be expressing more positive behaviors than negative ones, from their dominant enneatype or vice versa.

Draw Indicator:

It occurs when the individual obtains the same score in the two enneatypes that connect him with his projection of Positive or Negative behaviors, taking as reference his main enneatype. This means that the person could act depending on the moment, with a positive or negative reaction, without one manifesting itself more than the other in their daily life.


Hornevian Triads:

They are sub-groups that are made by joining three enneatypes of the enneagram that we call triads, based on how each enneatype satisfies their motivations and fears, grouping them into Combative (eneneatypes 7,8 and 3), Submissive (eneneatypes 1,2 and 6) and Evasive. (enneatypes 4,5 and 9). Its theoretical basis is based on psychoanalysis.  



They go after what they want, take risks and responsibilities, and perform well in challenging environments.


They submit to established rules and processes, they feel safe and stable in the environment where they work, both personally and at work.



They do not seek to impose themselves or be imposed on them. They avoid conflict. They are conciliatory.



Triads of Individual Reaction Centers:

They are sub-groups that are understood by uniting three Enneagram enneatypes defined as triads, based on the ability to respond at the level of each of the following triads, the intellectual (enneatypes 5,6 and 7), the emotional (eneneatypes 2,3 and 4) or the instinctive (8,9 and 1).


Intellectual triad:

Types: 5, 6 and 7

  • They seek: Learning and security.
  • Interest/concern: Information / The future.
  • Buried feeling: Fear.
  • Problems of: Fear, cynicism, insecurity and uncertainty.


Emotional triad:

Types: 2, 3 and 4

  • They seek: Attention and Express (affections, tastes).
  • Interest/Concern: Relationships / Self Image.
  • Buried feeling: Shame.
  • Problems of: Shame, sadness, identity and hostility.


Instinctive triad:

Types: 8, 9 and 1

  • They seek: Control and autonomy.
  • Interest/Concern: Power/Resistance and control of environment.
  • Buried feeling: Anger.
  • Problems of: Anger, aggressiveness, control and repression.


Intervention for dominant enneatype:

Explains in a general way how that dominant enneatype determined in the test, can manifest behaviors that are not accepted individually, but can be common in that enneatype and defined as negative behaviors (blind spots) that are reported with the intention of helping to raise awareness.


Awareness of the dominant enneatype:

It consists of the detection and presentation through the test of positive and negative behaviors, which naturally manifest themselves in the dominant enneatype.


Communication with the dominant enneatype:

It generates 10 communication tips for the dominant ennea type obtained in the test, facilitating fluid and assertive communication with the evaluated person from the 1st day to third parties.


Maximizing the potential of the dominant enneatype:

It describes in a general way and, from the dominant personality type, how the awareness of the evaluated person begins to achieve a high human performance. This development can be achieved through the recognition of their reality and their assertive relationship with it, through positive behaviors that can be manifested naturally.


Recommended concrete actions to work on in the short and medium term for the dominant enneatype:

Tips of activities that can begin to be worked on in the evaluated person are given, based on the results obtained in the test. They are used to initiate a work plan, where specific commitments for improvement can be defined by the person taking the test.

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