OUTPLACEMENT or Employability Consulting

Take care of your employees experience even in the most difficult moments

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The main objective of Outplacement is to help people find a job again as quickly as possible, in a position that is right for them and in accordance with their professional goals.
Here's how we do it at ZEUS to ensure that those who receive it will benefit greatly:

Application of the ZEUS Tests

after applying our evaluations, you will receive all your results reports. This will give you a Self-knowledge using scientific and professional tools supported by technology (Personality, Work Style, Values and Interests, Intellectual Ability, Business Characteristics and Digital Affinity).

Feedback of test results

after a personalized session, through our Consultants, you will understand why you function the way you do and among other valuable information about your dominant personality style, your projections of positive and negative behaviors.  This will help determine the areas in which you are most comfortable working and areas in which you may need further development. We will also be able to provide professional guidance to help you set realistic goals and effective strategies to achieve them.

What, where and how, job search skills

which positions to pursue, which companies and which lines of business. Job search assistance, including access to job opportunities, networking and online job search resources. This assistance can help the employee find job opportunities more quickly and in a field of work that suits his or her skills and experience.

Resume and cover letter development

once the employee's work experience has been evaluated, a resume should be developed using ZEUS templates (including ATS-compatible templates) and an attractive and effective cover letter, along with variations that should be applied to different job offers.

Interview training

through the results obtained in our evaluations, our Outplacement includes training for the interviews that will take place. This will help the employee to be effectively prepared and to generate the necessary impact to obtain the desired job.

Belonging to a database of Pre-assessed Professional Profiles in ZEUS

looking for a job is and always will be a job, but with our methodology people will know what to do, will better manage their uncertainties during this hard process and will be better prepared when they go after their new job.

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