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These are individuals interested in discovering the truth through a process of study and logical knowledge, they are usually reserved people, who carry out their work in an orderly manner and in cohesion with their environment.


This value focuses on the material and the practical. It refers to the ability of people to find the useful benefit of relationships, it also analyzes the behavior adopted in the face of the desire to obtain some good or benefit and how to interact with those around them to achieve this end.


The desire and taste for one's own beauty stands out, the person with a high score surrenders to the harmony of the beauty of life in all its exterior, until reaching its own satisfaction.


In the case of a high score, these people are considered altruistic, kind, generous, they feel pleasure and satisfaction in helping others without expecting compensation, they like to surround themselves with people and cooperate. On the other hand, those who score low on this value tend to be people with little adaptation.


It refers to power and the ability to control the behavior of other people, however, it highlights the importance that there are leaders and oppressors. In this case, if the score is high, that person is considered a leader capable of stimulating and motivating others for a common goal, while, on the contrary, low scores imply control and manipulation for their own benefit.


People with high scores in this aspect are characterized by being disciplined, orderly, highly dependent on structures and systems. For Allport, religion and the conduct of the person are intimately linked things, since they impart a doctrine where the norms and rules to be followed are essential for those who profess them. Depending on the score in this value, you can find a fanatical religious person or, on the contrary, a person who is tolerant of the diversity of faith.

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