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Learn how a person lives technology in their daily lives

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Affinity is the proximity or the way in which we relate to something. This test seeks to find out how a person experiences technology in their daily lives. The way a person organizes, works, carries out transactions, uses services using tools that are considered digital. It is also important to understand the degree of reliability that exists in the use of these tools and how this is perceived by the evaluated in terms of simplifying their tasks, both personally and professionally.

At this time we have no doubt that digitalization is a mandatory path for organizations that intend to survive and grow in a hostile environment, in which it is very possible that 80% of revenues depend on digital transactions.
The digital age has definitely come to stay with us and is manifested through a true technological revolution (Internet, computers, ICT devices and tools, forums, chats, blogs, media, etc.) that is clearly and deepens the habits, language, life and customs of many people to create a new culture "digital culture".

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